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T's & C's


The SFIX service offers access to the replacement of the screen on your covered smart mobile phone and/or tablet and/or smart watch. As a member you are offered access to our national panel of reputable smart device repairers.

1. Inclusions:

 1.1 The benefit covers two repairs per annum at a maximum of R1500.00 (One thousand five hundred Rands) per         

 incident/repair.  This cover is limited to the screen replacement of the covered device because of accidental damage 

 while being utilized in South  Africa.

 1.2 Eligible gadgets: Covered smart mobile phones, tablets and smart watches which are available for re-sell in South Africa.

 1.3 The device make, model and IMEI Numbers are required on all covered devices

 1.4 All reasonable precautions need to be taken to protect the device(s) from damage including a screen protector cover.

 1.5 If the cost of replacement of the screen is greater than R1500.00 per incident per covered device, the difference in cost will be payable by the account holder upfront prior to the device being repaired.

2. Exclusions:

2.1 Damage which existed prior to membership. This means the screen needs to be undamaged prior to taking the product.  Pre-existing damage will not be covered.

2.2 Cosmetic damage (normal aging scuff marks and abrasions).

2.3 Claims due to wear and tear, where wear and tear is defined as the ongoing weakening/deterioration which results naturally from usage.

     2.3.1 Damage caused by abuse, vandalism, neglect or wear and tear as listed in point 2.3.

     2.3.2 Damage which occurs outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa or to a device not available in the Republic of

     South Africa.

     2.3.3 This membership does not provide for a loan device

     2.3.4 Cash refunds to members are excluded

2.4 Claims within the first 90 days of membership activation, with all premiums for the term being successfully collected.

3. How to claim:

3.1 Members will dial the dedicated contact centre number to log an incident;

3.2 The SFix agent will verify paid membership against the database.


3.3 The member will be contacted to inform them of any costs of the repair which exceeds the cover limit as per the benefit provided and/or the excess if applicable;

3.4 The verified member is provided the estimated date and time of collection via courier at their permanent business or home address;


3.5 The agent provides the repair centre with the verified member’s contact and device details;

3.6 The device is assessed, and a damage report is drawn up and send to SFix;

3.7 SFix will follow up with the repair centre after the agreed repair time and inform the member when the device will be delivered via courier.

4. Terms and Conditions

4.1 An unedited photo image of the working phone, tablet or smart watch, including the IMEI number displayed on the untarnished screen must be sent via WhatsApp to 074 235 9669 or email to The IMEI number can be obtained via the USSD Code (*#06#).

4.2 Your SFix service will be activated after your first successful debit order on your current debit date whether the policy holder has successfully submitted his/her IMEI number/serial number or not.

4.3 Onus resides with the policy holder to submit the covered device(s) IMEI number/serial number and further requirements as listed in 4.1 above, within 24 hours of signing up to the service. Failure to provide us with the abovementioned information will result in you not being able to claim and use the service.

4.4 The contact centre number for claims during office hours (Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00) is 087 235 1012 or Whatsapp to

074 235 9669 or email

      4.4.1 If the member claims within the first twelve (12) months, the excess payable for that claim will be the balance of the

       premiums owed for the remainder of the payment year (12 months).

      4.4.2 There will be no excess payable when a claim is made by the client if the client does not claim within the first twelve (12)

      months, however all premiums will need to have been collected.

      4.4.3 There is a three (3) month warranty in place for all screen replacements completed. This covers mechanical failure only.

      4.4.4 Your first premium will be deducted on the day you selected from your bank account as well as your on-going

      premiums thereafter.

4.5 If we do not collect your monthly contribution, we may debit you on another date, up to a maximum of 4 times using a bank tracking facility. 

4.6 If you miss a payment, we may double debit you the following month.

4.7 Should your debit date fall on a public holiday or over a weekend, we will debit you on the previous weekday.

4.8 The reference on your bank statement will reflect SFix for easy identification of the debit order.

4.9 You have authorized SFix to issue and deliver payment instructions to your banker for collection against your bank account

on condition that the sum of such payment instruction will never exceed your obligations as agreed in the     contract / agreement.

4.10 Should you miss your debit and we fail to collect your premium, your claim will not be processed. Your claim will be cancelled shoud SFix not receive all consecutive payments for the term your contract has been active.

4.11 Should the member not have a pending claim and remedied the arears account, cover will re-instated, with another waiting period of 90 day. All premiums must have been received by Sfix.


4.12 In the event a member has a claim, but the account is in arrears and /or all premiums have not been received by Sfix, the claim will be repudiated, and the client will have to repair the device at own cost.

4.13 Once repaired, the member must provide proof of repair by sending a photo of the device to Sfix reflecting the IMEI number. On receipt of the proof of repair the cover will re-instated, with a waiting period of 90 days.



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